I’m warning you now that I’ll be focusing pretty heavily on mental disability, particularly mental illness. I review articles, link to interesting discussions, and, of course take suggestions, but for now this journal is going to reflect my personal experiences navigating the world with a disorder that can be frustrating, uplifting, paralyzing, inspiring, and submersible (even though it still bubbles up sometimes) with medication.

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26 12 2008
robin thompson


I found your site- where you will be discussing Hubbard & Scarry & Wendall

Who ?What are you?- Is this?

Is is an on-line discussion or book group?
Or do you blog and then other people comment with their own blogs?

Are the authors part of this? Is it an on-line seminar- of sorts?

You have chosen VERY interesting Books/authors/topics
And, I am interested in possibly being part of this discussion.

Robin Thompson

27 12 2008
Tassie Gniady

Hi Robin.

This blog was initally composed of notes from a disability studies reading group at the University of California-Santa Barbara that some members participated in from afar. Over the summer and fall of this year the group was on break (I posted about issues in the news that were of interest to me, but did not have scholarly write ups), but we will be resuming reading more general disability studies articles and posting about them this winter.

If you’d like to be part of the online portion of our discussions, we’d love to have you participate. I will be posting the reading selections and then the notes from discussion here. You can write comments and I, along with other members of the group, will respond. You can also suggest readings that you would like to see us do. Also, any tags you see should have entries associated with them. Feel free to check them out and comment.

14 11 2011
Keith Francis

Yes I to find this site great, working on a Masters Geography of Disabilities and re-conceptualizing built environments. Please include me as a guest

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